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Into the Kill Zone: A Cop's Eye View of Deadly Force
David Klinger
Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
Jared Diamond

How to get kicked off the SEAL Teams not once but twice

Good to Go: The Life And Times Of A Decorated Member Of The U.s. Navy's Elite Seal Team Two - Randall Fuerst, Harold Constance

I listened to the audio book and it was very, very, very good. This book did not spend as much time on BUD/S training on other SEAL books I have read and it is the first book I have read/listened to about The Viet Nam War. Harold is incredibly funny, as most SEALS are, and tells some funny stories that have me laughing throughout the book. I believe you have to develop a sense of humor in combat otherwise you will crack-up from the pressure. I have never been in combat and I only say this due to the number of books about combat I have read where most develop this sense of humor. The book is also about how Harold overcomes adversity several times throughout his life and career and he is blessed with lots of does of SEAL luck. The part of them being ambushed and attacked in their high rise hotel during the TET Offensive when he and a buddy were acting as snipers on the roof and their British accents is hysterical and I laughed so hard I cried it was Dave Barry funny. I highly recommend this book

Where does your water come from and how much do you pay for it?

The Big Thirst: The Marvels, Mysteries & Madness Shaping the New Era of Water - Charles Fishman

I listened to the audio book and it is very interesting.   If you read or listen to this book it will change the way you think about water.


The book details cities and areas around the globe and how they handle water usage, how to purify water, sourcing water, using wastewater, and how to conserve water.


This book is educational and eye opening and made me realize we are fortunate in the United States though we need to be doing more to conserve water and make a much better effort to re-use or find other uses for our gray water rather than sending it immediately to the sewer or storm drain.  


I highly recommend this book.  

Don't judge this book by its cover

Hell from the Heavens: The Epic Story of the USS Laffey and World War II's Greatest Kamikaze Attack - John F. Wukovits

I was not expecting much from this book and did not realize it was published by Christian Audio.  I listened to the audio book and it is narrated by the author.


I was expecting a completely different story and essentially a story about a troubled kid who grew up in a poor family...  Also, I generally do not like it when authors narrate their own audio books and in this case I was impressed.


LeCrae is articulate, enunciates well, is thoughtful, respectful, and smart.  He has learned from his mistakes and he is humble.  He overcame a lot of tough odds and walked away, perhaps unknowingly, from a theater scholarship to pursue other things.  Here is a man who by all rights should be dead or in prison and was given many, many, many second chances and God is definitely looking out for him and he has not squandered this, rather, he has turned it into many positives and is helping his fellow human.  


I was not intending to download this book at the time I did even though it was on my library wish list and I believe that was God's hand acting to cause me to download this book by mistake which turned out to be a blessing.


I highly recommend this book.  

A Novel about an open marriage

Przystanek Szczęście - Sarah Dunn

Nordback's exploration of sexuality

The Scarlett Letters: My Secret Year of Men in an L.A. Dungeon - Jenny Nordbak

Kayak owner Paul M. English sells to Priceline and makes millions

A Truck Full of Money: One Man's Quest to Recover from Great Success - Tracy Kidder

I listened to the audio book and it is pretty good.  The story is interesting though jumps around chronologically and sometimes takes sharp turns in times from present to past and vice versa.


The story is incredibly interesting and i had no idea who Paul M. English was before listening to this book.  I listened to this just after reading Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh of Zappos and he and Paul M. English have in common is that both started VC incubator sites to nurture businesses, both eventually focused on only one business, both are programmers and probably pretty good ones, both sold companies for lots and lots of money, both seem like nice people and buck the trend of making a lot of money creating an aura of superiority to other human beings, and both are involved with charities and giving away most or all of their wealth though Tony is quite a bit younger than Paul M. English.


The book details English' Bipolar disorder and hypomania and some of his struggles to deal with them by experimenting with different medications. The book does a pretty good job of explaining to the listener/reader some of the thoughts pin-balling around in English' brain.


The business lessons from this book are: 1) find a need and fill it 2) look for or create a blue ocean to avoid competition 3) hire the best people and let them do what they do best even if that means working remotely, e.g. Carl 4) fire those that do not fit the culture and fire them quickly 5) determine quickly what your company culture is and guard it 6) fail fast and pivot 7) get to profitability within 18 months and stay there.


This was a better book than I expected and I'm glad I listened to it.  


I highly recommend it.  

An answer to why police brutality happens

By Radley Balko - Rise of the Warrior Cop (1st Edition) (6/25/13) - Radley Balko

I listened to the audio book and the author starts by saying he is not writing an anti-cop or anti-criminal book rather a policy or political book.


The book is good and I agree with many things the author says and disagree with some things.


The book is essentially a history of police forces across America from the beginning of our Republic and focuses mostly on the 1950's & 1960's up to present day (2012 the year the book was published).


I selected this book because I thought it would provide some answers to the recent police shootings of unarmed civilians which has led to murder of on duty police officers and additional racial tension in our country.  The book definitely provides some answers to these questions.


One of the answers is that politicians are involved and award police forces with money (from taxpayers I should point out) to buy new toys (many from the military) because of their arrest records and mostly drug arrest records.  


The book also chronicles the rise of S.W.A.T. teams across the country and details many in small cities and posits whether these teams are really needed for these smaller cities.  


All-in-all a good book that I would recommend that is informative.  

The Cult of Culture or the Culture Cult

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose - Tony Hsieh

This book was sent to me free of charge by a Zappos phone rep simply because I mentioned I had heard great things about Tony Hsieh.


This book is awesome!  It is packed with business principles and lessons and it's funny.


Tony has a great sense of humor and I'm glad he did not use a ghost writer to help or write this book for him and that he points that out upfront.


I started following Tony on LinkedIn after reading about 75% of this book.


The story about the fire department coming to his loft on New's Year Eve is hysterical.


If you are an entrepreneur or thinking of starting your own business I highly recommend this book.  If you interact with customers this book is for you. If you work in a company that needs an attitude adjustment or a culture shift buy this book for your company and make them all read it. If you are in sales, read this book. If you hate to read, read this book you may start to like reading.


This book will make you smarter, you will learn something or ten things you did not know and I bet you will laugh, chuckle, and smile several times.


I highly recommend this book. 

Finding a Blue Ocean

Brick by Brick: How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry - David Robertson, Bill Breen

I listened to the audio book and it is a good example of finding a blue ocean without any patent protection in a crowded, competitive space.


The book is good from a business perspective though it now well written or put together.


It was a tad too long for my liking and I believe could have been condensed.  I did not like that it jumped chronologically from 1982 to 2005 and back to 1991 and then to 2011 and then to 1995 which made it hard to follow.  At times stories were told that did not seem to flow well either.  


The names were hard to follow and keep track of and I wish I had written them down.


Also, I wish the book had explained in more detail how it broke into the STEM and LEGO competition markets which it did not explain.


A good book really only for the Blue Ocean Strategy piece.


I would have a hard time recommending this due to my comments above.

Are we really flying the friendly skies?

Attention All Passengers: The Airlines' Dangerous Descent—And How To Reclaim Our Skies - William J. McGee

I listened to the audio book and it is pretty good.  At times it was raucously funny.  Then there are times when it is very serious.


As someone who flies and travels a lot in my job this book is disturbing.


If you fly, fly for a living or travel for a living, plan to fly then you should listen to or read this book.  It's disturbing at times.


The book also discusses the offshoring of jobs in the airline industry and the impact this has had on the economy, the unemployment rate, airline safety, and CEO pay as well as the impact CEO pay has had on the offshoring of jobs.  


If you are terrified of flying then maybe you should not listen to this book.


Either way I recommend the book, it's eye opening.  It is sometimes repetitive from chapter to chapter though.  

Political Gridlock

It's Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided With the Politics of Extremism - Norman J. Ornstein, Thomas E. Mann

I listened to the audio book and it is below okay.  The book really is not objective and attempts to lay the blame for the current dis-function of Washington squarely and solely with the Republican Party.  


The Republican's had nothing to do with "We just need to pass the bill then we will figure out what is in the bill" referencing the passage of the Affordable Care Act.


Both parties are to blame.


I cannot recommend this book.

History of the Special Forces

Masters of Chaos: The Secret History of the Special Forces - Linda Robinson

I listened to the audio book and it is just okay.

If you want to know all about ISIS and how to stop them read this book

ISIS: The State of Terror - Jessica Stern, J. M. Berger

This is probably the 3rd, 4th, or maybe even 5th book I have read about ISIS.  It is by far the most comprehensive and details how they arose along with their competition with al Qaeda.


This book details how and why they became successful at recruiting and using social media to do so and how some of these successes have also backfired on them.


This is the first book that has detailed ISIS from what they believe, to their leadership, to how they operate and fund themselves, and the propaganda techniques they use to subject the people in their reign of terror.


This is also the first book that has detailed ways to stop them and stopping them is not just by military means, e.g. air strikes or boots on the ground and it is not going to happen in a few months, a few years, or even a decade and will likely take a generation or two to root out their evil ideology.  


This is a great book that I highly recommend to fully understand the thread ISIS poses and how to stop them and it's a lot more than what you get from watching a 30-120 second spot on any American Main Stream Media channel. 

A Longitudinal Study of Financial Aid in Wisconsin

Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream - Sara Goldrick-Rab

This is an interesting book and one of the first of its kind, it follows students that received Financial Aid in Wisconsin and details the challenges that most face by receiving the aid, affording college and staying in school.


This book is very data driven and I would have a hard time recommending it.  

Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Brotherhood, and Sacrifice - Adam Makos
Devotion by Adam Makos book cover
Devotion by Adam Makos book cover

A Navy SEAL book that talks about PTSD

Battle Ready: Memoir of a SEAL Warrior Medic - Mark L. Donald, Scott Mactavish

This is a great book from the perspective that it is the first SEAL book I have read where the author talks about PTSD and how he deals with it and firstly by not dealing with it.


Mark Donald is humble and the part of the book where he is awarded the Medal of Valor and the lesson he learns from the ceremony, the guilt he feels, and one of his many mentors about the medal is great!  (I'm not giving it away for those of you who want to read it).


The Battle of Khand Pass and the QRF chapters are the only chapters that contain page turning, edge of your seat, adrenaline rush battle scenes or descriptions which is not much of the book and makes it very different than many other SEAL books in this respect.


This book is rather a story of Mark's childhood and the struggles he faced as a Mexican American living in New Mexico being raised by ostensibly a single mom due to his father's own demons with PTSD.


The book goes on to detail how Mark first joined the Marines then moved to the Navy and started BUD/S training and became a SEAL then a corpsmen, then a PA and had to do double duty after 9/11.


This is a great book that I highly recommend and one of the most humble and respectful of SEAL books I have read.