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The Liberal Redneck Manifesto

The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin' Dixie Outta the Dark - Corey Ryan Forrester, Trae Crowder, Sharon Drew Morgan

I picked up this book because the title caught my eye, I'm from Virginia (the South), though I don't consider myself Southern, and I went to school for 6 years in the rural South and spent 6 years in Appalachia in Wise, VA and Boone, NC.


The book is not really funny though I did chuckle a few times at the writers remarks and a couple of their jokes though I believe they were trying to make a funny book in the genre of a Dave Barry book and they failed in my humble opinion in this regard. 


The authors do make some very valid and interesting points and their final "porch talks" are good and I tended to agree with those while disagreeing with other points they made previous in the book.