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The Queen of the PCT

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail - Cheryl Strayed

This is a pretty good book.  The writing is plain and simple, easy to follow and understand, though not as descriptive as Ayn Rand or John Steinbeck.


I liked the adventure that Cheryl Strayed took and I'm glad she got away from heroin and Joe.  I wish there were an epilogue to this book that told more about what Cheryl did after she hiked the PCT, e.g. did she ever finish her BA, why did she not call the attorney in the BMW and have lunch with him to tell him about her journey, what job did she first get after finishing and living in Portland?


Reading this book makes me want to hike the PCT and the Appalachian Trail too.  I used to backpack on my own though never as far as Cheryl did in one day and would love to return to it soon.


This book made me remember that I moved to Utah from Virginia in the winter of 1994, the same winter that dropped record snowfall in Utah and the Sierra Nevada's, which resulted in the nearly impassable snow Cheryl experienced in the summer of 1995 which my first summer in Utah and we had snow on July 5th.  I too was on my own journey through life trying to get away from my mother and family who were still living and learning to live on my own in a new State and City.


This book has been on my reading list for some time and I have seen the movie in bits and pieces and really did not think it was that great so I finally read the book.


I definitely recommend this book, especially if you are in your 20's, like the outdoors, or plan to hike the PCT or the AT.