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Wrath and Humanity

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I listened to the audio book and for the most part I thought the book was long and boring.  

The book is written well with beautiful, flowing, descriptive prose and the narrator for this book was very good.  The Grapes of Wrath takes place in the 1930's post-depression decade and follows the Joad's as they migrate from Oklahoma to California to look for work.  Their son Tom Joad, Jr. has just been released from McCallister prison for murder after defending himself during a fight.  


The book is filled with Christian religious undertones and outright scriptures and teachings. Casey the preacher or former preacher is a character form the book which delivers some impromptu sermons or religious teachings to Tom Jr. and others during the journey.  


The book deals with and/or addresses several issues such as: 1)personal responsibility and taking responsibility for one's actions as Tom Jr. does by admitting his guilt for his homicide and admitting that he deserved to spend time in prison for murder or likely manslaughter, contrast this today to many defendants claiming they did not do it even though the evidence appears to be stacked against them 2) helping your fellow human being in a time of need as many of the people living in the camps in California do as the Joad's and others that tend to help one another and their own poor kind 3) this book wrestles with the struggle of the poor worker compared to the rich, wealthy, powerful class that controls the land, business, money, and power; very similar to the recent 99% movement and of course times have not changed with respect to who controls the wealth, land, power, business, and money in today's society, the 1% of ruling elites and how are the poor supposed to break the cycle of poverty without being given a chance and when those in power conspire to keep them from breaking out of their cycle/station/socioeconomic status in life. Compare this theme in this book to that of today (2017) where we have a large immigrant population/"illegal immigrants/alien" population many of which who work in our agricultural, meat packing, construction, and service industries mainly because these jobs do not pay enough for natural born American's to work or want to work because they don't pay enough. Consider what a piece of fruit or a vegetable would cost in the grocery store at the local farmer's market would cost if the pickers and workers were being paid $10, $12, or $15 per hour? 4)the power of the mind and the thoughts one thinks and the impact these thoughts have on how life unfolds or the self-fulfilling prophecy of thoughts or speaking one's thoughts as evidenced by RosaSharon's saying her baby is going to die because of sin, not be nourished properly, being fatherless (since Connie has disappeared) and the baby is born still.


There are other examples of these things that I could probably cite though won't or don't remember them.


I see why this book is considered a classic though I did not terribly enjoy the book.