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Are the Elites really experiencing a "Twighlight"?

Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy - Christopher L. Hayes

I listened to the audio book.  It is interesting.  Christopher Hayes sounds as if he has sucked Obama's jizz and is enraptured by the former President Obama and places Obama on a God-like pedestal.  With this out of the way let's dissect this book and its arguments.


Hayes argues that Meritocracy is Oligarchy as another writer or Politician or visionary has said.  Hayes uses MLB, the Hunter College High School where he was schooled, Wall Street, and The Ivy Leagues and maybe a few others I am forgetting to show that Meritocracy is flawed and does more harm to society than not.  I tend to agree with these arguments, especially given the college test prep industry that has sprung up as well as the test prep industry for the Hunter College High School Hayes describes.  This can be summed up as "money talks and bullshit walks."  


Hays talked about the Occupy Wall Street/99% movement and how are current Institution of Government is failing or has failed the people of The United States.  I tend to agree with the latter part of this too. 


Hayes also says that things like Pilots licences, doctors credentials/certificates should not follow a meritocratic distribution because there are some that already hold these that should not be pilots or practicing physicians and handing them out meritocratically would just be follly and put lives in danger.  I agree with this too.


Hayes also quotes the belief that power is corrupting and absolute power corrupts absolutely and I agree with this too.


In the final chapter Hayes' solution to Meritocracy which leads to Oligarchy is redistribution of wealth by taxing the rich and having the government re-distribute that wealth to the poor and this will end the problem.  


The problem I see with this is that the Ruling Political Class which controls the Government of the United States will spend any tax revenues they collect and money will not be re-distributed to the poor.  We have seen this with Social Security and Medicaid and instead it will likely be spent on foreign wars, foreign aid, the CIA, and the Military Industrial Complex.  Secondly, Robin Hood has already tried this and as long as the Meritocracy, Oligarch, and Plutocrats are in power I don't believe many or most of them are altruistic enough to do the right thing rather than pocket the money to make themselves richer and further rig the system in their favor.  


A good book which was written and published in 2012 so it's a little dated though worth the listen or read.