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Turkey our next Frenemy

Turkey: The Insane and the Melancholy - Zeynep Beler, Ece Temelkuran

I read this right after reading about the Kurdish women of the PKK fighting Daesh/ISIS.  This book is good and very cerebral.


The American reader (me) will have a hard time relating to or understanding some of the book if you have never been to Europe or lived in Europe or Turkey (again me).  It would be like me trying to explain the mystique and cult following of In-N-Out Burger or why we all hang Christmas lights in November, etc.


The book is good in that it paints a pretty damning picture that Turkey and Erdogan is creating a Fascist regime and country that the author compares to Germany in the 1930's.  The stories of the children in the prisons is disturbing.


Turkey is a NATO ally to the United States, a predominantly Muslim country, which is for the most part secular though like Saudi Arabia it seems that the religious fanatics rule with a more iron fist than the facade portrays to paraphrase the authors premise.


This is a good book that will help an American understand more about the region and the challenges faced by the entire globe.