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A Korean War Epic up there with The Outpost, Outlaw Platoon, and many others

Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Brotherhood, and Sacrifice - Adam Makos

I read this book after reading about it from a book review site and I loved it.  It is a true Korean War Epic and one of the few about the Korean War.


What is interesting is that it is a proxy war on the North Korean side being fought by Chinese and Soviet soldiers and pilots (sound familiar?).


Also of interest is that it is similar to The Outpost where Command Posts are set up in the low ground and the Chinese already hold the high ground and are able to easily overrun the Army and Marine units.


Finally, this is a story of friendship and friendship between an African American pilot from Mississippi  and a White pilot from Massachusetts that under ordinary circumstances would have never been friends.  


I will end with Daisy's comment, we (The United States) need men like Tom and Jesse now more than ever.


This is a great book that I highly recommend.