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Paying for College: or if you make more than $40-50k DON'T COUNT ON FINANCIAL AID

Paying for College: Without Going Broke 2000 (Paying for College, 2000) - Kalman A. Chany, Geoff Martz, A. Chany Kalman

I read this book while skipping over some parts like for Military Veterans, Divorced Parents, etc. since these do not apply to me and while the book is interesting since I am two years away from having my first child in college it solidified my belief that I am not likely to receive financial aid.


I used the worksheets in the back to calculate my EFC and they seem to fall apart or become incredibly hard to follow at Table 8.


This is a good read for any parent that has a child or children that plan on going to college.


I read the 2016 edition which is not yet pictured on this book review site.