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A Navy SEAL book that talks about PTSD

Battle Ready: Memoir of a SEAL Warrior Medic - Mark L. Donald, Scott Mactavish

This is a great book from the perspective that it is the first SEAL book I have read where the author talks about PTSD and how he deals with it and firstly by not dealing with it.


Mark Donald is humble and the part of the book where he is awarded the Medal of Valor and the lesson he learns from the ceremony, the guilt he feels, and one of his many mentors about the medal is great!  (I'm not giving it away for those of you who want to read it).


The Battle of Khand Pass and the QRF chapters are the only chapters that contain page turning, edge of your seat, adrenaline rush battle scenes or descriptions which is not much of the book and makes it very different than many other SEAL books in this respect.


This book is rather a story of Mark's childhood and the struggles he faced as a Mexican American living in New Mexico being raised by ostensibly a single mom due to his father's own demons with PTSD.


The book goes on to detail how Mark first joined the Marines then moved to the Navy and started BUD/S training and became a SEAL then a corpsmen, then a PA and had to do double duty after 9/11.


This is a great book that I highly recommend and one of the most humble and respectful of SEAL books I have read.