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The Cult of Culture or the Culture Cult

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose - Tony Hsieh

This book was sent to me free of charge by a Zappos phone rep simply because I mentioned I had heard great things about Tony Hsieh.


This book is awesome!  It is packed with business principles and lessons and it's funny.


Tony has a great sense of humor and I'm glad he did not use a ghost writer to help or write this book for him and that he points that out upfront.


I started following Tony on LinkedIn after reading about 75% of this book.


The story about the fire department coming to his loft on New's Year Eve is hysterical.


If you are an entrepreneur or thinking of starting your own business I highly recommend this book.  If you interact with customers this book is for you. If you work in a company that needs an attitude adjustment or a culture shift buy this book for your company and make them all read it. If you are in sales, read this book. If you hate to read, read this book you may start to like reading.


This book will make you smarter, you will learn something or ten things you did not know and I bet you will laugh, chuckle, and smile several times.


I highly recommend this book.