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Don't judge this book by its cover

Hell from the Heavens: The Epic Story of the USS Laffey and World War II's Greatest Kamikaze Attack - John F. Wukovits

I was not expecting much from this book and did not realize it was published by Christian Audio.  I listened to the audio book and it is narrated by the author.


I was expecting a completely different story and essentially a story about a troubled kid who grew up in a poor family...  Also, I generally do not like it when authors narrate their own audio books and in this case I was impressed.


LeCrae is articulate, enunciates well, is thoughtful, respectful, and smart.  He has learned from his mistakes and he is humble.  He overcame a lot of tough odds and walked away, perhaps unknowingly, from a theater scholarship to pursue other things.  Here is a man who by all rights should be dead or in prison and was given many, many, many second chances and God is definitely looking out for him and he has not squandered this, rather, he has turned it into many positives and is helping his fellow human.  


I was not intending to download this book at the time I did even though it was on my library wish list and I believe that was God's hand acting to cause me to download this book by mistake which turned out to be a blessing.


I highly recommend this book.